Black and White Photography

Download file "Black and White PHotography 1.pptx"
This is the place you will find your assignments. You will also find some examples of works that may inspire you. Please feel free to comment on anything that you see or comes to mind.

Please bring in your 35mm SLR cameras the first week of class. If you do not have one please come and see me.


AP 3D Design

Download file "AP STUDIO ARTsummer 2010.docx"This is part of your initial investigations. I would like you to study the various artists and find your inspirations in their works.
Please be prepared to discuss your ideas and have some plans for execution of ideas.


AP Photography 2D Design

I can't get used to how these things are added?
Download file "AP Photo assignment on artistspower pointgood.ppt"

Hey, I hope all of you had a wonderful summer vacation. I will be meeting with you the first period of the first day of school. The first couple of days we will be reviewing the AP portfolio requirements. This review will give you a better understanding of what is expected.
Please begin to put together a portfolio of works you would like to present to me and the class. I usually would like to see your work in the form of a Slide show. This way we can project your images on the screen so that everyone can be in on the discussion. I will be discussing this with you at a later date. example of slide shows. Ursulas uses different themes for her imagery. Just like a concentration. Hmmmm!!!!
Can you tell me how she took some of these photos?


Welcome Students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Students,
This is our wiki/blog! This is the site that you will need to use to find assignments, examples of projects, powerpoint presentations, and links to artists that I find interesting. I would like to use this as a common meeting place for you to comment on your work, ask questions about assignments,etc.