Biology: Miller & Levine - with an endangered Scarlet macaw on the cover. You may keep your book at home - it's too heavy to lug around with you each day.

    Leaving this for those of you who asked about the format of the exam... as always, check this wiki site for information:

    Exam format: there are 100 questions and these answers will go on a scantron
    there is also a packet with a few genetics problems and a couple of diagrams to label. Study: organelles in a cell; animal vs plant cell; cell membrane; parts of a microscope
    note: no pictures from mitosis or meiosis but if you can recognize the diagrams, you'll do better with the descriptions of what is happening in each stage.

    Welcome to Semester 2: We'll cover DNA, Evolution, a survey of the 3 Domains and 6 Kingdoms especially the Plant and Animal kingdoms.
    For week of Jan 22-25:
    Download file "DNA.pptx"
    Ch 12: DNA Structure and Replication
    we'll skip the early experiments in 12.1
    READ: 12.2 p344-348 and answer the 12.2 Assessment 1-3
    READ: 12.3 p 350-353 and answer the 12.3 Assessment 1 - 3
    Ch 13: DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis
    READ 13.1 p362-365 and answer the 13.1 Assessment 1 & 2
    READ 13.2 p366-371 and answer the 13.2 Assessment 1-3
    READ 13.3 p 372-376 and answer the 13.3 Assessment 1 & 2
    Your 3-D DNA project (individually completed with a legend) is due: Tuesday 1/29
    Download file "DNA Model.doc"
    TEST Monday Feb 3 over the parts of Ch 12 and 13 we cover: structure of DNA, replication, transcription and translation of protein synthesis, mutations
    Download file "DNA review.docx"

    Evolution: Ch 16 - 19
    Download file "Evolution.pptx"
    Read Ch 16.1 AND 16.2 and answer 16.1 #1 -2 and 16.2 #1-4
    read 16.3 and review earlier parts of Ch 16 and answer 16.3 #1-3
    read 16.4 and answer 16/4 #1-5
    Ch 16 questions pp 476-477: #1-29 - don't try to do all these in 1 night... answer the appropriate ones after each reading
    for Tuesday 2/12 = Charles Darwin's birthday!! you will show off your knowledge of natural selection and Darwin with a quiz over Ch 16. In preparation for that quiz, answer the questions about the NYTimes article on polar bears. Those questions are due on Mon or for section 1, on Tuesday
    for 2/13: read Ch 17.1 genes and evolution - and as usual - do the Q's at end of each section
    for 2/14: read 17.2: genetic changes in population (=microevolution) answer the Q's
    for 2/15: read 17.3 process of speciation (= macroevolution) answer the Q's
    we will also skip 17.4 = molecular evolution - again, VERY interesting ...
    test over EVOLUTION : E day 2/21 = Ch 16 & 17
    Download file "Evol study guide.pages" after we do Ch 16 & 17... here's a study guide for the test
    here's a link to National Wildlife Magazine article on polar bears with some amazing photos;
    We'll come back to Ch 18 but move on to Ch 19 first
    for Monday 2/25: read Ch 19.1 and 19.2 and do 1st 2 Q's of Assessment Q's for each section - SKIP part of geological information about C-dating and about 1/2-life. Also, you do NOT need to learn the sequence of geological eras.
    Tuesday 2/26 H day: 19.3 read and do Assessment Q's 1-3 (all parts), skip #4
    (totally skip pp 541-545 AND 560-563 = geological history)
    Wed 2/27 = catch-up day
    Thursday B day 2/28 = QUIZ over genetic drift, bottle neck effect, founder effect, speciation, isolating mechanisms, fossil record
    (no new study guide - the final 2 points on Evol Study Guide is included for this quiz; Can you define "species"? )

    Biodiversity: Ch 18 and 19.3 + Ch 20-28:
    origins of life on Earth, Linneaus and classification system
    Homework for this unit:
    You will be doing individual presentations to teach others about BIODIVERSITY. Your text MUST be one of your citations!!
    Download file "PRESENTATION diversity of organisms.docx" due: C day 3/13
    in addition to guidelines: citations = use your text + 2 other scientific sources + all photos need to be cited
    AND add a cladogram appropriate for your presentation (and be able to explain it)
    Any questions? just ask!
    Download file "Presentation biodiv rubric.pages"
    Primitive Earth, Classification and review of Evolution:
    Download file "Evol History of Life.key"
    Download file "Plant Kingdom .key"
    TEST over Biodiversity: Monday 3/25
    Download file "Biodiversity practice sheet.pages" Both are these are good review sheets - if you can fully answer one, you can also answer the other.
    Download file "Biodiversity study guide.pages"

    1st day back - bring in some article that is INTERESTING and ties into any aspect of Biology. Be prepared to discuss/explain your article to the others.

    Ecology (2 wks): New homework plan: You may choose to: a) answer Assessment Q's at end of each section or 2) make flash cards of terms and definitions or 3) make up a Quizlet of terms and definitions or 4) answer Q's at end of each chapter.
    Download file "Ecology Behavior Pictures.ppt"
    Download file "Ecology Behavior Review Sheet.pages"
    Download file "Ecology An Behav videos.pages"
    Ch 29: Animal Behavior
    Ch 3 Biosphere and Energy: 3.1--> 3.4
    Ch 4: Ecosystems and Communities: 4.1 --> 4.5
    Ch 5: Populations: 5.1 --> 5.3
    Ch 6: Humans in the Biosphere: 6.1 --> 6.4

    NOTE: QUIZ/mini-TEST: on Thursday D day 4/18: animal behavior and biomes (check the Review Sheet questions for those 2 topics)
    Complete the review sheet questions/items for HW for Wed 4/17

    for Friday 4/26: bring in an INTERESTING article relevant to Biology. This week is Earth Day so there should be plenty of environmental articles. NOT from a blog - and official article from newspaper, magazine, website from NPR story, etc.
    other HW: complete your reading/skimming of Ch 5 and 6 = you should be completely finished with the 4 ecology chapters - also complete the review sheet on Ecology
    NOTE: 2nd mini-TEST: Monday C day 4/29

    Plant Kingdom Ch 22-24 This slide show was revised 5/8 - added a few slides so take another look!
    Download file "Plant Anatomy & Physiology.key" TEST: Monday E day 5/13

    Human Body
    Download file "Presentation human body.pages" due: May 9 C day : presentations will begin on C day and we will use the lab periods for presentations (= Thurs C and Fri D days)

    Here is the review sheet for the final exam
    Download file "BIO 2013 Final REVIEW 2nd sem.pages"

    Download file "safety contract AA.doc"
    Lab 1:
    Download file "DNA extraction.pdf"
    Lab 2:
    Download file "Examining Homologous Stru.doc"
    Lab 3:
    Download file " Birds on an Island.pdf"
    Lab 4:
    Download file "phylogeny lab.doc" due 3/18
    Download file "Evol - human evol presentations.docx" due date: March 5 Tuesday
    Lab 5: Biodiversity - make your own tables, there may be more or fewer organisms within each Kingdom than in the Tables presented in this lab doc: We will start this lab in classes directly following presentations - probably E day. Last lab due E day 3/18
    Download file "Classification Lab.doc"
    Lab 6: Animal Behavior and Ecology
    Download file "Daphnia Behavior and Ecology.pages" We will use a small fish instead of the Daphnia in lab - but answer all the Prelab questions anyway about Daphnia.
    Lab 7: Acid Precipitation in Lake Water
    Download file "Acid Rain lab.pdf" This lab goes with Ch 6 - you should skim that chapter before answers questions.

    lab 8: Plant Ecology and Plant Anatomy
    Download file "Ecology Distribution of Clover.pages"
    Download file "plant anatomy lab.doc"

    Lab 9: