Evolutionary Theory

Evolution has been called “the central organizing principle of modern biology”. Here is your chance to find out why. Welcome to Evolutionary Theory!!


1) Comparative Dissection Labs due on Monday, 5/13.

2) "Becoming Human" Activity Report due on Monday, 5/20.

3) Presentations will begin with seniors on Friday, 5/17.

4) Please bring $14 for the aquarium trip by Tuesday, 5/14.

5) RESEARCH PROJECTS: The timeline for the rest of our semester is as follows.

May 6th - Final literature cited due. (15 points)

Week of May 13th - In-class presentations begin.

May 23rd - Final report due.


Download file "Evo-What is Evolution?.key"

Download file "Evo - History and Darwin.key"

Download file "Evo-Evo Fundamentals.key"

Download file "Evo-Geology and Biogeography.key"

Download file "Evo-Molecular Evidence.key"

Download file "Evo-EvoDevo.key"

Download file "Evo-Morphology.key"


Download file "Evolutionary Theory Syllabus 2012.docx"

Download file "Evo-Research Project Guidelines.docx"

Download file "Darwin and Wallace Original.pdf"

Download file "Evo-Presentation Rubric.docx"

Download file "Evo-Scientist Presentations.docx"

Download file "Evo-Prehistoric Organism Presentations.docx"

Download file "Evo-Remarkable Creatures Discussion Questions.docx"

Download file "Evo-Titanoboa Discussion Questions.docx"

Download file "Evo-Two by Gould.docx"

Unit Review Sheets:

Download file "Evo-What is Evolution? Review.docx"

Download file "Evo-History of Evo Theory Review.docx"

Download file "Evo-Fundamentals of Evo Review.docx"

Download file "Evo-Geology and Biogeography Review.docx"

Download file "Evo-Molecular Evidence Review.docx"

Download file "Evo-Development and Morphology Review.docx"

Chapter Review Questions:

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 2 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 3 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 4 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 6 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 7 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 8 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 9 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 10 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 11 Review.docx"

Download file "Tangled Bank - Ch 12 Review.docx"

Lab Exercises:

Download file "Evo-Who Wants to Live a Million Years? Activity.docx"

Download file "Evo-Intro to Genetic Drift.docx"

Download file "Evo-Fossil Lab.docx"

Download file "Evo-Radiometric Dating Lab.docx"

Download file "Evo-Virtual Stickleback Report.docx"

Download file "Evo-Comparative Dissection Report.docx"

Download file "" Activity.docx"

Helpful Links:

Class Material:

Evolutionary Theory Quizlets: http://quizlet.com/class/523973/

PBS Documentary "What Darwin Never Knew": http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/evolution/darwin-never-knew.html


NOVA Evolution Site: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/evolution/

Understanding Evolution (UC Berkeley): http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/home.php

Talk Origins (Excellent archive and FAQs): http://www.talkorigins.org/

The Loom (Carl Zimmer's Blog): http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/blog/the-loom/

National Center for Science Education (Especially good for current legal info): http://ncse.com/

Science NOW (Quick access to news stories from Science Journal): http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/

Nature: http://www.nature.com/


Principles and Methods in Science

Welcome to Archmere and welcome to our science program! This course is designed to introduce you to the fundamental concepts of biology, chemistry and physics by exploring the concept of energy - what it is, where it comes from, and how it is used. Our goal is to see the connections between all branches of science as we seek to understand how our universe works from the smallest particles to the planets and stars. I am looking forward to working with you!


1) Updated final exam review sheet here. Please study over the break and develop questions you would like help with during review week.

Download file "P&M-Final Exam Review 2012.docx"

2) The guidelines for our presentations and the Oral Proficiency Grading Rubric are posted below (please refer to the expectations for Freshmen). If you have any questions, please let me know. Continue researching and preparing!

Download file "P&M-Final Group Presentation.docx"
Download file "Archmere Speech Initiative Rubric.doc"

3) Our final lab is complete! Please use the document below and post your final lab report in Noteshare. Please note that there is not a prelab for this exercise but all other parts - procedure, observations, data tables/graphs, questions, conclusions - should be present. (Special thanks to Valve for making this program available for classrooms!!)

Download file "P&M-Teaching w Portals Test 1.docx"


Podcasts Assignment:

Download file "SGU 5x5 #37 - Sep 17 2008.mp3"
Download file "SGU 5x5 #65 - Apr 16 2009.mp3"

Download file "Skeptics 5x5 Podcast Questions 1.docx"

Quizlet on "Experimental Design/Scientific Method": http://quizlet.com/13355932/scientific-method-and-experimental-design-flash-cards/

Quizlet on "Chemistry Terms": http://quizlet.com/14900280/pm-chemistry-terms-flash-cards/

Quizlet on "Cells" can be found here: http://quizlet.com/8512526/principles-and-methods-cells-flash-cards/

E-text can be found here: http://www.ck12.org/flexbook/viewer/a030dc0216db4cbfd121626c2ee09664

Download file "Scientific Method.key"
Download file "What is Energy_.pptx"
Download file "Atoms and Bonding.ppt"
Download file "P&M-Nuclear.key"
Download file "Electromagnetic.pptx"
Download file "Cells.pptx"
Download file "Photosysnthesis.pptx"
Download file "Trophic Levels.pptx"

Download file "safety contract AA.doc"
Download file "Lab Notebook Bio.doc"
Download file "Noteshare directions.doc"
Download file "A Guide to Better Lab Reports.doc"
Download file "Lab Grading Sheet.doc"
Download file "LAB 1 Experimental Design.doc"
Download file "LAB 2-Work and Kinetic Energy (1).doc"
Download file "LAB 3 Solar Constant.doc"
Download file "Lab 4 Specific Heat.doc"
Download file "Lab 5-Exploring Chemistry.doc"
Download file "Lab 2 Flame Test.docx"
Download file "LAB 6 Spectrometers.doc"
Download file "Lab7-Exploring Cells.docx"
Download file "Lab Photosynthesis & DO.doc"
Download file "Lab 9 - Microscopes.docx"
Download file "Owl Pellet Study P&M F'11.docx"
Download file "Owl pellet bones.tif"
Download file "Rat Skeleton.tif"

Important Documents:

Download file "P&M Syllabus 2012.doc"
Download file "P&M-Scientists and Exp Design Practice.docx"
Download file "P&M-Vocab HW1.docx"
Download file "P&M-Worksheet1.docx"
Download file "P&M-Chap 3 Practice.docx"
Download file "P&M-Heat WS.doc"
Download file "P&M-Metric conversions.doc"
Download file "Metric Practice.doc"
Download file "More conversion practice.docx"
Download file "P&M-Chemistry Definitions.docx"
Download file "P&M-Chem HW.docx"
Download file "P&M-WaveWS.docx"
Download file "P&M-Cell Structures and Functions.docx"
Download file "P&M-Cell Structure WS.docx"
Download file "Final Exam Review.docx"

Interesting Links:


Human Anatomy and Physiology

Welcome to Human Anatomy and Physiology! In this course, we will survey most of the major systems of the human body in an attempt to understand how we function as organisms.

1) Respiratory Rate Lab Report due on Monday (5/7).

Download file "Blood Vessel List.docx"

Download file "A&P-Muscle list.docx"

Lab documents:
Download file "HistologyLab.docx"
Download file "Brain:Eye Dissection.docx"
Download file "Cat Muscle Dissection.docx"
Download file "Cat Dissection Lab Report.docx"
Download file "CirculatoryPhysLab.docx"
Download file "Heart Dissection Report.docx"

Download file "A&P - Intro.ppt"
Download file "A&P - Tissues.ppt"
Download file "A&P - Integument.ppt"
Download file "A&P - Skeletal.key"
Download file "A&P - Muscle.ppt"
Download file "A&P-Endocrine.ppt"
Download file "A&P-Nervous.ppt"
Download file "A&P-Senses.ppt"
Download file "A&P-Circulatory.ppt"
Download file "A&P-Respiration.ppt"
Download file "A&P-Digestion.ppt"

Other documents:
Download file "H A&P Syllabus.doc"



Marine Biology

Welcome to marine biology! In this course, we will explore the life that exists in Earth's oceans and estuaries. We will study the chemical and physical processes that govern the oceans, learn about the many classes of organisms that live there, and finally discuss how they interact with each other in our major marine ecosystems.

I hope you find our journey into the marine world fascinating and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to it.

1) TEST on Intertidal and Estuary Ecology on Monday (5/13).
2) TEST on Coral Reef Ecology next Friday (5/17).
3) Please bring $14 for our aquarium trip by Tuesday, 5/14.

Inside Nature's Giants: Great White Shark

Download file "Group List-Microbes, Producers and Inverts.docx"


Download file "BarnegatBayQ.docx"
Download file "Frozen Seas WS.docx"

Download file "Science Podcast, 19 February 2011 -- AAAS Meeting Special 1.mp3"
Download file "Science Podcast Report.docx"

Download file "MarBioSyllabus 2013.doc"


Download file "Sea Floor (New).key"
Download file "Oceanography (New).key"Download file "Microbes.ppt"
Download file "MultiPrimProducers.ppt"Download file "MarInverts.ppt"
Download file "Fishes.ppt"Download file "Mammal,reptile, bird.ppt"Download file "Intertidal.ppt"

Download file "Estuaries.ppt"
Download file "ContinentalShelf.ppt"
Download file "Coral Reefs.ppt"
Download file "Ocean Surface.ppt"

Lab documents:

Download file "Lab1-Floor Mapping.doc"
Download file "Lab2-Ocean Science (New).doc"
Download file "Squid Dissection Report.doc"
Download file "Starfish Dissection Report.doc"
Download file "Shark dissection.doc"
Download file "Bony Fish Dissection.doc"
Download file "BlubberLab.doc"
Download file "Plankton Lab.docx"

Group Presentation Guidelines:

Download file "MBioPresentations2012.doc"

Chapter review sheets:
Download file "MarBio - Ch 2 Review.doc"
Download file "MBio-Ch3Rev.doc"
Download file "MBio-Ch5Rev.doc"
Download file "MBio-Ch6 Review.doc"
Download file "Chapter 7 Review.doc"
Download file "Ch8 Review.doc"
Download file "Ch9Review.doc"
Download file "Ch11 Review.doc"
Download file "Ch12 Review.doc"
Download file "Ch13 Review.doc"
Download file "Ch14 Review.doc"
Download file "Ch15 Review.doc"
Download file "Ch16 Review.doc"

In the News:
Fish stocks shows signs of recovery

Great whites tagged off Massachusetts coast

Giant fish verges on extinction:

Report: Arctic ice may vanish in summer within a decade

Interesting Links:
Marine Biology.org
Textbook Online Learning Center
NOAA Ocean Explorer
ARKive: Images of Life on Earth

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Honors Biology

Welcome to Archmere and Honors Biology! Let's talk about life...

This course is about life - what defines it, what makes it work (or ultimately not!), and how living things are connected to each other. This course will challenge you intellectually and hopefully stimulate you to look at the living world a bit differently than you did before. I hope that you come to enjoy exploring this world as much as I do.

In this space, I will post important documents (especially for lab), any presentations that we use in class, and announce tests/quizzes and assignments. I will also include links that I think you will find helpful or just plain interesting. We may eventually use this space as a place to extend our in-class discussions as well.

1) TEST on Friday (5/17) on Animal and Plant Physiology.
2) Make sure all labs are completed and/or updated.
3) Final exam review sheet is here!
Download file "FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET 2013.docx"

Bozeman Biology Links:

Biogeochemical cycling:


Animal Behavior:




Ecological Succession:


r and K selection:



Science Magazine Podcast on Australopithecus sediba:

Download file "Science Podcast, 9 September 2011.mp3"
Download file "A. sediba podcast questions.docx"

Modern Darwins: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2009/02/darwin-legacy/ridley-text

Evolution of Whales: Article available in classroom, questions posted here
Download file "Evolution of Whales.doc"

Course Syllabus:

Download file "Honors Bio Syllabus 2012.doc"

Download file "HBio-Scientific Method.key"
Download file "HBio - Chemistry.key"
Download file "HBio-Organic Chem.key"
Download file "HBio-Cells.key"
Download file "Evolution.key"
Download file "HBio-Photosynth.key"
Download file "HBio-CellResp.key"
Download file "HBio-CellCycle.key"
Download file "HBio-Genetics.key"
Download file "HBio-DNA.key"
Download file "HBio-Pop Gen and Evolution.key"
Download file "HBio-Plant Physiology.key"
Download file "HBIo-Animal Physiology.key"
Download file "HBio-Gene Expression and Regulation.key"
Download file "HBio-Biotech.key"
Download file "HBio-Chemical Cycles.key"
Download file "HBio-Animal Behavior.key"
Download file "Ecology Pictures.ppt"

Lab Materials:

Download file "safety contract AA.doc"
Download file "Lab Notebook Bio.doc"
Download file "Noteshare directions.doc"
Download file "A Guide to Better Lab Reports.doc"
Download file "DNA extraction.pdf"
Download file "natural selection prelab.doc"
Download file "Natural Select.doc"
Download file "Birds on an Island.pdf"
Download file "Microscope Prelab Questions.docx"
Download file "Using the Microscope.doc"
Download file "Onion Root Tip Mitosis(2).doc"
Download file "Mitosis Prelab(2).doc"
Download file "phylogenyprelab.doc"
Download file "phylogeny lab.doc"
Download file "Hardy-Weinberg.doc"
Download file "Hardy weinberg lab.doc"
Download file "Daphnia Behavior and Ecology.pages"
Download file "Acid Rain lab.pdf"
Download file "Classification Lab(2).doc"
Download file "plant anatomy lab.doc"
Download file "23B Temp ColdBlooded (CO2).doc"

In the News:

Meet "Ardi", the oldest known hominid!

Nobel Prize for chemistry focuses on ribosomes

Pterodactyl fossil fills evolutionary gaps


St. Olaf's Biological Animations Site (A student favorite!):

Inner Life of the Cell: