Mrs. Wolf

    9th Grade: Honors Lit Genres

    10th Grade: American Literature

    Freshman Class Information

    Mrs. Wolf's Schedule:

    Download file "KWolf_Fall 2012 Schedule.doc"
    During most free periods, you can find me in the English office. To set up a time to meet, email me: kwolf@archmereacademy.com

    Homework Policy: Remember that all homework - unless otherwise specified - must be completed individually.

    Turnitin.com set-up information:

    H Lit Gen & Comp 9.1:
    Password: comma
    Class ID#: 5437077

    H Lit Gen & Comp 9.2:
    Password: semicolon
    Class ID#: 5437087

    H Lit Gen & Comp 9.3:
    Password: apostrophe
    Class ID#: 5437099

    Amer Lit & Comp
    Password: hyphen
    Class ID#: 5437110

    Amer Lit & Comp 10.4:
    Password: dash
    Class ID#: 5437122