Tangent, Cotangent, Secant, Cosecant Graphs

    Open the file TrigFunc.gsp found on the main page of the wiki, then answer the following questions as a comment:

    1) What is the period of:

    a) f(x) = tan x?
    b) g(x) = csc x?
    c) g(x) = sec x?
    d) g(x) =cot x?

    2) For what values of x is the given function undefined? Can you explain why this occurs (for each)? Why do these functions approach infinity / negative infinity at these asymptotes?

    a) f(x) = tan x
    b) g(x) = cot x
    c) g(x) = csc x
    d) g(x) = sec x

    3) In what ways is the graph of f(x) = tan x related to g(x) = cot x? Explain

    4) In what ways is the graph of f(x) = sin x related to g(x) = csc x? Explain

    5) In what ways is the graph of f(x) = cos x related to g(x) = sec x? Explain

    6) In what ways is the graph of g(x) = csc x related to g(x) = sec x? Explain

    7) What is the range of csc x? Why?


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