-FAWeb Handbook

Below, you will find FAWeb guides to assist you in working through certain functions. I will continue to add to this page as the year progresses. If you don't see the help you need, let me know, and I will produce the guide for posting.I will build this wiki instead printing a booklet.

Finding Current School Year's Classes from Your Home Screen
Download file "Finding Your List of Classes.pdf"

Taking Daily Attendance
Download file "Taking Daily Attendance.pdf"

Adding Assignments to Multiple Classes
Download file "Adding Assignments to Multiple Classes.pdf"

Adding an Assignment One Class at a Time
Download file "Adding an assignment one class at a time.pdf"

Adding and Copying Assignments (the long way)
Download file "Adding and Copying Assignments.pdf"

Finding Missing Grades: Beware the "Multiple" Option
Download file "" Option.pdf"

Viewing Grades of Students Who Have Dropped
Download file "Understanding Historic Information.pdf"

Adding Comments to FAWeb for NetClassroom Visibility
Download file "Adding Comments for NetClassroom Visibility.pdf"

Posting Grades from FAWeb for Report Cards
Download file "Posting Grades from FAWeb.pdf"

Posting Incompletes
Download file "Posting Incompletes.pdf"

Showing Letter Grades in FAWeb
Download file "Showing Letter Grades in FAWeb.pdf"

Matching Your A-day Classes
Download file "A-Day's Matching Periods.pdf"

Showing Grades in FAWeb/NetClassroom
Download file "Showing Grades in FAWeb:NetClassrrom.pdf"

Changing your FAWeb Password
Download file "Changing Your FAWeb Password.pdf"

Adding Average or Letter Grade Columns to Your Gradebook
Download file "Adding Average or Letter Grade Columns.pdf"

Posting Semester Grades
Download file "Posting Semester Grades.pdf"

Finding Student Contact Information in FAWeb
Download file "Finding Student Contact Information.pdf"

Viewing a Student's NOTES in FAWeb
Download file "Viewing Notes in FAWEb revised.pdf"

Entering an "I" for Incomplete
Download file "" for Incompletes.pdf"